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Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM Group) is a leading private provider of a diverse range of educational pathways and professional training in Singapore, known for its philosophy of lifelong learning and the quality of its programmes.

Founded in 1964 on the initiative of the Singapore’s Economic Development Board to support the country’s industrialisation, we are today a diverse and vibrant organisation with a wide range of programmes, activities and services.

SIM Global Education

SIM Global Education (SIM GE) is the global education arm of SIM Group. It offers more than 80 academic programmes ranging from its own diploma courses to Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes with top ranking and reputable universities from Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Here are some reasons why students choose to study in SIM!

● Progress faster to a globally-recognised degree from Australia, UK, US in Singapore
● Choice of a wide range of programmes in Business, IT and Computer Science and Arts & Social Sciences. An affordable university education in SIM
● A well-rounded global education with year-round activities from over 70 student clubs
● Bond-free diploma and degree scholarships for international students. A Student-centric Campus*
SIM students study in a multi-university and multicultural learning environment, with about 17,000 students from over 40 countries. Around 23% of full-time students are from overseas.
SIM’s student-centric campus has comprehensive facilities with Wi-Fi access for all learners. The 110,000 square metres campus houses teaching and learning facilities, a sports and recreation complex with a performing arts theatre, a financial training centre, a library, a student hub, students’ lounge & gymnasium, student learning centre, food outlets and a wellness centre. These facilities enable SIM to provide a rich campus life that enhance students’ learning, recreational and networking needs.

SIM 集团(SIM Group) 是新加坡领先的高等教育学府与专业培训机构, 在经济发展成为支持新加坡工业化倡议下, 成立于 1964 年。时至今日,该集团通过各个教育品牌已发展成为活力十足的多元机构,为各界提供各项课程与服务。

SIM Global Education

SIM全球教育 (SIM GE) 是新加坡管理学院 (SIM集团) 的全球教育分支机构,是新加坡规模最大和领先的私立教育学府之一。SIM GE 与美国、英国及澳大利亚的国际知名大学合作办学,以非营利模式提供高等教育以及职业。当中合作大学包括世界闻名的英国伦敦大学、伯明翰大学、美国纽约州立大学水牛城分校、澳大利亚皇家墨尔本理工大学等等, 合作提供 80 多种国际课程。


● 在新加坡快速进入澳大利亚,英国和美国全球认可的学位课程。
● 选择商务,计算机科学以及文学与社会科领域的各种课程。
● SIM提供价格合理的大学教育。
● 全面性全球教育,设有70多个社团及学生委员会,帮助学生实现对艺术及运动的追求
● 修读文凭及学士学位课程的国际学生,可申请免债奖学金


SIM提供学生一个多元文化的学习环境,现今已有17,000 名在籍学生,其中3,500 名为来自40多个国家的国际学生。

学生可在SIM 11万平方米的校园里,享受充满活力的校园生活。为了确保学习品质,SIM校园里装置了最先进的设备包括高速的校园无线上网、室内与室外的读书与休息中心、可容纳460人的表演艺术剧场、设施完善的健身房、多功能体育馆、金融培训中心、图书馆、多种食物选择的餐厅和学生健康中心。以学生为中心的全方位校园,SIM完善的设备提供学生丰富的校园生活,增强学生的学习、娱乐和交流需求。

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