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University of Southampton Malaysia

About the University of Southampton Malaysia

The University of Southampton Malaysia (UoSM) is a branch campus of the University of Southampton in the UK. The University of Southampton is ranked 97th the QS World University Rankings 2020 and is a founding member of the Russell Group in the UK. UoSM is based in the growing Iskandar region in Johor and offers a range of Engineering and Business programmes that are ranked among the Top 10 in the UK.

Why the University of Southampton Malaysia?

Highly Recognized

The University of Southampton is a highly-ranked, Global Top 100 University according to the 2020 QS World University Rankings. All our MEng and BSc programmes are ranked in the Top 10 in the UK (in 2020 league tables).
World-class Education

Obtain a world-class ‘Southampton’ education in Malaysia at a fraction of the cost of completing the same programme in the UK.

For our MEng programmes, spend the first two years of study followed by two years of study in the UK for around 62% of the cost of the same degree in the UK. Our 3+0 BSc programmes are fully conducted in Malaysia and allow you to complete a world-class Business education at only 29% of the cost of its UK equivalent. Students are taught the same undergraduate degrees at UoSM as students studying at the parent university.

Employment Rate

93% of our alumni are in employment within 6 months of graduation and the rest are pursuing the post-graduate studies.


马来西亚南安普敦大学(UoSM)是英国南安普敦大学的分校。南安普敦大学在2020年QS世界大学排名中排名第97,是英国罗素集团的创始成员。 UoSM总部位于柔佛州的依斯干达, 并提供一系列工程和商业课程,这些课程均位列英国前十名。



在马来西亚获得世界一流的“南安普敦”教育,而在英国完成同一课程的成本只是其一小部分。对于我们的MEng课程,在英国度过前两年的学习时间,然后再度过两年的学习时间,费用约为英国同等学位课程费用的62%。我们的3 + 0理学士学位课程在马来西亚全面开展,使您能够完成世界一流的商科教育,而费用仅是其英国等值费用的29%。在UoSM,学生将与在母校学习的学生获得相同的本科学位。