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UCSI University & College

About UCSI
Built on the principles of audacity, perseverance, integrity and excellence, UCSI University is a leading comprehensive institution of higher learning with campuses in Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu and Sarawak, Malaysia. Our faculties, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to meet student needs offer a wide spectrum of academic programmes, ranging from Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Engineering and Architecture to Music, Multimedia, Education, Liberal Arts and Hospitality. UCSI University is a vibrant community of learning and scholarship. At present, more than 12,000 students study at the University. At UCSI, the push to broaden the intellectual horizons of students worldwide is a perpetual effort. As such, UCSI emerged as Malaysia’s best private university in the QS World University Rankings 2019 and 2020. Its Institute of Music is also one of the world’s top 100 music schools, according to the three recent QS World University Rankings by Subject exercises. In the 2020 exercise, its Faculty of Business was ranked as one of the world’s top 400 schools in the world.

Today, UCSI’s ever-improving global profile is bolstered by an abiding focus on research and the expansion of knowledge. This empowers UCSI students and staff with invaluable opportunities when it comes to collaboration with the world’s best universities, companies and research institutes. More and more UCSI students are selected each year by renowned universities for high impact research and further collaborations are in the pipeline with varsities in the Ivy League, Russell Group, Universitas 21 and Australia’s Group of Eight. With these unique strengths and more, UCSI stands out as a University that offers an education few can, provides experiences others can’t and delivers life-defining outcomes for students everywhere.

UCSI大学以 “无畏、坚毅、诚信和精进” 为办学原则,是马来西亚顶尖的高等学府,分别在吉隆坡、登嘉楼和砂拉越设有分校。 我们开办广泛的学术课程供学生选择,如医学、药剂学、护理学、工程、建筑、音乐、多媒体、教育、人文和礼待等,并备有先进的设备,以满足学生的需求。UCSI大学是个充满活力的学习和学术社区,目前有超过1万2千名来自世界各地的学生前来就读。在UCSI,扩展全球学生的知识视野是一项永不停歇的努力。因此,UCSI成功连续两年在2019年和2020年“QS世界大学排名”中荣获马来西亚最佳私立大学的殊荣。另外,UCSI的音乐学院(IMus)更连续三年跻身Qs世界大学学科排名的“全球表演艺术100强”之列。不仅如此,UCSI大学商学院也于2020年获评为全球400强商学院之一。