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University College of Technology Sarawak

Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design (Honours) 工业设计榮譽學士

Description 介绍

Industrial Design is a methodology for creating products that can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It focuses on the design of products by using knowledge from applied science as well as applied arts and various engineering disciplines, supported with state of the art equipment and software. The aim of an industrial design is to create a product which fulfils aesthetic, ergonomic as well as usability standards. This programme teaches students how to combine the theoretical concepts of materials and process with the practicality of design and patterns, and it is the type of discipline that adapts to the country it is taught in. During their academic courses, students will participate in computer labs, design studios, theoretical courses, and classroom projects.
Students will learn how to develop design concepts, taking into account social, environmental, functional, financial, and aesthetic aspects. Students will also develop computer and IT skills including CAD, 3D modelling, graphics modelling and multimedia. All of these are made to help students develop their problem-solving skills, aesthetic ability, and creativity levels. Studying Industrial Design can open the way for many career opportunities as it teaches students how to develop and design any kind of products, from electronics devices, vehicles, furnitures and even fashions or videos games. The opportunities are limitless whether one wants to become a product designer, researcher, or entrepreneur.


Entry Requirement 入学要求

● Pass STPM or equivalent, with a minimum Subject Grade Value (NGMP) 2.00 and credit in Bahasa Malaysia and pass English at SPM level; OR
● Pass UEC with five (5) Grade B’s; OR
● Pass Diploma (KKM, Level 4) from recognised institution or equivalent with a minimum CGPA 2.00; OR
● Pass Matriculation / Foundation from a recognised institution or equivalent with minimum CGPA 2.00; OR
● Other equivalent qualifications subject to approval by the university's senate and recognised by Malaysian Government AND
● Pass UCTS Interview and Portfolio Assessment (Except for candidates with Art and Dsign academic background)

● 在大馬高等教育文憑(STPM)或同等考試及格,最低考获Subject Grade Value(NGMP 2.0) , 和大馬教育文憑(SPM)或同等资格考试中,国文必須优等(Credit)及英文及格
● 在統考(UEC)考試中,取得最低5个科目B等級
● 在相关資格文憑(Diploma-level 4, KKM)考试及格, 考获最低CGPA2.0或以上
● 在大學基礎課程文憑考试中及格,考获最低CGPA2.0或以上
● 任何同等资格被马来西亚政府所承認
● 須在UCTS的美术评估及面试中过关(只给没有美术和设计背景的学生)

School Of Academic/ Faculty 主修学院

School of Computing & Creative Media

Total Estimated Fee 预计费用总额


Scholarships 奖学金

Yes - Board of Director's Sponsorship
CGPA 2.5 and above

有, 成绩中取得 CGPA 2.5或以上

Careers Prospects 发展领域

Product Designer / Product Developer / Researcher / Entrepreneur