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University College of Technology Sarawak

Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Marketing 市場行銷榮譽學士

Description 介绍

Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Marketing programme provides student with in-depth knowledge, communication & critical thinking skills and creativity & innovation skills in marketing by focusing more on the Digital Marketing knowledge and requirement. This includes contextual understanding of the dynamism and vibrancy in the business environment, entrepreneurship and professionalism in order to perform effectively and ethically within their specified areas of marketing. Hence, will influence personal achievement, lifelong learning and thus contributing to industry development to cater for the needs of business and marketing communities.

掌握具有深度的知智,沟通&批判性思考, 创造力&创新技巧在市場行銷行业中

Entry Requirement 入学要求

● Pass STPM with minimum Grade C (GP 2.00) in any two (2) subjects and a pass in Mathematics and English at SPM level or equivalent; OR
● Pass STAM with a minimum Grade of Jayyid and a pass in Mathematics and English at SPM level; OR
● Any qualifications equivalent to Diploma or Advanced Diploma (MQF, Level 4 or 5); OR
● Matriculation / Foundation qualification with a minimum CGPA of 2.00 out of 4.00; OR
● Pass UEC with five (5) Grade B’s; OR
● Other equivalent qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Government

● 在大馬高等教育文憑(STPM)考試及格,其中任何2个科目必須考获Grade C(GP2.00) 和大馬教育文憑(SPM)或同等资格考试中,數学及英文必須及格
● 在STAM考试中及格,最低必須是Jayyid等级和大馬教育文憑(SPM)或同等资格考試中,數學及英文必須及格
● 任何相关資格,相當于文憑(Diploma或Advance Diploma)(MQF, 第4或第5等级)
● 在大學基礎課程文憑考试中,考获最低CGPA2.00或以上
● 在統考(UEC)考試中,取得最低5个科目B等級或以上
● 任何同等资格被马来西亚政府所承認

School Of Academic/ Faculty 主修学院

School of Business & Management

Total Estimated Fee 预计费用总额


Scholarships 奖学金

Yes - Board of Director's Sponsorship
CGPA 2.5 and above

有, 成绩中取得 CGPA 2.5或以上

Careers Prospects 发展领域

Marketing Officers or Executives / Marketing Manager or Director / Marketing Communication Manager /
Marketing Research Analyst / Marketing Consultant / Product Manager / Brand Strategist / eCommerce Marketing Spesialist

市場行銷执行员, 营销传播经理,市场研究专才,市场咨询师, 产品经理,品牌策略专才, 电子商务专才