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University College of Technology Sarawak

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons) 土木工程学系

Description 介绍

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons) programme encompasses a wide range of disciplines covering the fields of engineering such as structures materials, hydraulics, geotechnical, highway and surveying. It nurtures among the graduates engineering knowledge,analytical and problem solving skills as well as the other technical and soft skills. The curriculum is in sync with current development of the construction industry and engineering practices, particularly in the aspects of structural design and consultancies, construction technologies, usage of modern tools and technical software and project management approaches. The laboratory works, covering the mentioned fields of engineering, further equip students with practical and investigative skills.

土木工程(荣誉)学士学位课程涵盖了广泛的学科,涵盖了结构,材料,液压,高速公路和测量等工程领域。它培养了工程知识,分析和解决问题的技能以及 技术和软技能。 该课程与建筑业和工程实践的当前发展同步,特别是在结构设计和咨询,建造实验室工程,涵盖上述工程领域等方面,进一步使学生掌握实践和调查技能。

Entry Requirement 入学要求

● Pass STPM / A-Level with a full pass in Mathematics and Physical Science; OR
● Pass UEC with five (5) Grade B's including Mathematics and Physical Science; OR
● Pass Matriculation / Pre-U / Foundation in Science from recognised institutions with minimum CGPA 2.0; OR
● Pass Diploma in related field from recognised with minimum CGPA 2.0; OR
● Other equivalent qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Government

● STPM / A-level 及格,数学和物理科学必须全部及格
● UEC 及格,必须至少有五 (5)个 Grade ‘B’, 包括数学和物理科学
● 公认学府·的Matriculation / Pre-U /科学基础课程 及格和至少 CGPA 2.0
● 公认学府的相关Diploma 及格和至少 CGPA 2.0
● 其他马来西亚政府公认的资格

School Of Academic/ Faculty 主修学院

School of Engineering & Technology

Total Estimated Fee 预计费用总额


Scholarships 奖学金

Yes - Board of Director's Sponsorship
CGPA 2.5 and above

有, 成绩中取得 CGPA 2.5或以上

Careers Prospects 发展领域

Civil Engineer / Consultant Firms / Constructors / Developers / Drainage and Irrigation Department / Utilities Companies / Engineer in Local Authorities / Engineering Product Manufacturers / Researcher

土木工程师,顾问公司,建筑商,开发商/,排水和灌溉部门 ,公用事业公司 ,当地当局的工程师 ,工程产品制造商