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University College of Technology Sarawak

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Engineering 工程博士

Description 介绍

The PhD in Engineering programme is highly research-intensive. It aims to train engineering scientists who will devote their professional careers to the development of fundamental knowledge and technology from which applications will emerge. Iti s designed to provide students with intensive advanced training in research that leads to the highest level of scholarly achievement. Graduates are expected to integrate research practices and procedures with their industrial and professional responsibilities. PhD students will also benefit from professional development opportunities with a focus on soft skills, including communication, leadership and entrepreneurship.


Entry Requirement 入学要求

● A recognised Master’s Degree in Engineering or its equivalent; OR
● Other qualifications equivalent to a Master’s Degree that are accepted by the University's Senate

● 受承认的工程硕士学位或同等学位或大学参议院接受的硕士学位; 或
● 正在本大学修读科研硕士学位的学生,在硕士及博士研究所委员会的推荐下,也可被接受,但须大学参议院认可

School Of Academic/ Faculty 主修学院

School of Postgraduate Studies

Total Estimated Fee 预计费用总额

RM22,950 (Full Time)/ RM 32,000 (Part Time)

Scholarships 奖学金


Careers Prospects 发展领域